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Welcome to DJ’s club tours in Bangkok

Every year millions tourists come to Bangkok for a relaxing holiday or just settle for a few days to travel further into Thailand.
Enjoying the delicious food, friendly people, temples, shopping malls and markets and offcourse the famous nightlife with many nightclubs.
Bangkok is one the biggest cities in SEA and has a great nightlife scene.
Most of the people are not very familiar with the Bangkok club scene and end up in a typical ‘tourist’ club.
If you want to go where the Thai local hang out, just check out our tour.
DJ’s club tour shows you the hottest and most happening nightclubs in Bangkok.
You don’t have to worry about transportation, entry fees, drinks and when it’s crowded we always reserve a table for you in the club.

We offer this all inclusive VIP-tour for 7499,- THB. Book now and you will get 20% discount! Only 5999,- THB!!!


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